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I know it's been a while since I was around. I've started my Master's degree, and I had computer troubles... but today I found a little microfiction scribbled on a piece of paper I was about to throw away. So here you go.

A Moment Between

The dead don't change, but the living do. That's the main problem. People come to the afterlife expecting to be reunited with their loved ones, as if nothing ever came between them, but... Don't get me wrong. It works for some. The longer you were together when you were alive, and the shorter the period between your deaths, the better your chances. But the dead are static, frozen in the moment of travel between this world and the last. Living is movement -- the in and out of breath, the rush of blood, the flash and spark of neurons firing. Change happens in the space of a moment: the cells of a living body are constantly renewed. You can do a lot of accepting and changing even in the few breaths you take as you turn the gun from your beloved onto yourself.

That's why me and my husband never get along, anyway.

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