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Hello, everyone! It's been a while, I know. I'm knee-deep in writing an essay that's essentially a mythic biography of Sir Gawain, so that's taking a lot of my energy right now. But I do have three things to say.

1) I am still in love (in love all over again?) with the love story in The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle. It doesn't run throughout the text, no, but the ending leaves the reader in little doubt of how Gawain felt about his wife:

She lyvyd with Sir Gawen butt yerys five;
That grevid Gawen alle his lyfe,
I telle you securly.

In her lyfe she grevyd hym nevere;
Therfor was nevere woman to hym lever.

Even though it does say that 'Gawen was weddyd oft in his days', his relationship with her is set apart as special. I do love it.

2) I am planning, after this Christmas, to put together the Arthurian short stories I've written into a book. This will probably require revision of those already existing, adding some new ones, and the subtracting of those that may not be of general interest (or which I haven't personally researched with references to primary sources).

I'm trying to think up what to do about the cover art. Fortunately, my close friend and my mother are both artistically inclined, so there might be some help for it there.

3) The anthology project is going ahead, still. If you want to get people interested in it, I suggest you link to this post, which talks in depth about the kind of things I'm expecting to include. You can ask me any questions here, or by emailing me at rhian.crockett[at]gmail[dot]com. That's also, I think, where you can send any submissions.

I think I will arbitrarily choose 23rd March as the final submission date, since it's a date I can remember for other reasons! Submissions before that are welcome, but I will probably wait until that date to actually make decisions -- the most you will get is an acknowledgement of the story. If there are any problems with your story (not relevant enough, not in line with the goals of the anthology, etc), I'll email you back if possible, so you can revise it or submit something else. Multiple submissions are okay: max of 5,000 words for an individual piece, and do not submit more than 10,000 words total.


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