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This journal has been created as part of a project of mine that's a bit of an experiment. Rhian Crockett is my pen name, and the donate button at the bottom leads to a paypal account in that name.

The idea is, I write, and offer my stuff for free, or for a small fee, and you pay me what you think it's worth. If you like what I'm saying on this blog, I'd love a donation. If you love something I've written, again, a donation would be great. If you just want to draw me art of characters, illustrate the covers of my books, make me an audiobook... that'd be great too.

My current main project is writing a book for National Novel Writing Month. If you fancy reading a book based on Arthurian myths, with a murder mystery, centring on Gawain, his wife, and his brother, well: maybe this'll be your thing. I'll be talking about that, and about my decision to self-publish my work in this way.

Given the nature of this, promotion of my work and ideas is very gratefully accepted, and I'm always taking donations.

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