Day Four

Nov. 4th, 2010 11:54 pm
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Today is brought to you by a somewhat tired and grumpy Rhian. Today's writing involved the proper introduction of the women of the court, mostly Ragnelle and Guinevere, and it turns out that I rather like Guinevere after all. I was worried I wouldn't, and that she was going to be a character it'd be hard to like, but her backstory changes things somewhat.

After my post yesterday asserting that Gaheris is asexual, I realised that I'd love to write an asexual romance between Gaheris and Enide. According to the definition of courtly love that operates in a few of the texts I've read, that'd be the perfect courtly relationship -- love and duty without the distractions of sex. Hmmm.

(I should probably go and read an excerpt from C.S. Lewis' ideas on courtly love, for a class. That, however, will have to wait.)

In any case, tomorrow I get to embark on writing a version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, as told by Ragnelle, from this verse. I've done that before, but that had a completely different tone. That whole chunk will be excised from the final draft of this story, probably, but it'll be good to know -- I need to know how the magic will function in the story, if at all, and how fantastical it will all be. In theory I know this already, but in practice, I think Ragnelle needs to tell me.

How's anyone else doing? Managing to get anything else done, other than writing? I'm trying to get reading -- I've been reading Joseph Hansen's Brandstetter novels, but haven't touched them so far this month, and I got a couple of new books that I'd been excited about but haven't even cracked open yet. Sigh.


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